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Billy Joel - Glass Houses (1980) [SACD] (2012 MFSL DSF-WV Stereo)
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icon Billy Joel - Glass Houses (2012 MFSL Hybrid SACD).sfv875 B
icon 01 - You May Be Right.wv87.9 MB
icon 05 - All For Leyna.wv87.5 MB
icon Billy Joel - Glass Houses (2012 MFSL Hybrid SACD).m3u827 B
icon 09 - Close To The Borderline.wv79.5 MB
icon 06 - I Don't Want To Be Alone.wv79 MB
icon 02 - Sometimes A Fantasy.wv77.5 MB
icon 08 - C'Etait Toi (You Were The One).wv67.1 MB
icon 07 - Sleeping With The Television On.wv62.3 MB
icon 03 - Don't Ask Me Why.wv60.8 MB
icon 04 - It's Still Rock And Roll To Me.wv58.8 MB
icon Artwork/Disc.jpg541.6 KB
icon 10 - Through The Long Night.wv53.6 MB
icon thumb.jpg47.4 KB
icon sacd_log.txt2.3 KB
icon Artwork/Cover Out.jpg2.2 MB
icon Artwork/Cover In.jpg2 MB
icon folder.jpg168.1 KB
icon Artwork/Booklet Out.jpg1.9 MB
icon Artwork/Booklet 06-07.jpg1.8 MB
icon Artwork/Booklet 08-09.jpg1.7 MB
icon Artwork/Booklet 02-03.jpg1.7 MB
icon Artwork/Booklet 04-05.jpg1.7 MB
icon Artwork/Insert.jpg1.7 MB
icon Billy Joel - Glass Houses (2012 MFSL Hybrid SACD).md51.4 KB
icon Artwork/Booklet 10-11.jpg1.2 MB